UE4 Landscape Master Material + Vertex Paintable Puddles

UE4 Landscape Master Material:
An optimized game ready shader.
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Required maps:
1) Albedo Map
2) Normal Map
3) ORH Map: Stacked RGB
G: Roughness
B: Height or displacement

> Four Vertex paintable layers providing the ability to make complex layers of ground such as jungle, snowy mountain, street and etc. by combining different tile textures.

>Ability to change tiling size, specular and roughness of each layer.

>Master Tile-controller for all maps.

>Ability to change the amount of tessellation for each layer.

>None weight-blended Puddle layer which enable you to paint puddle and wetness on top of all four layers.

>Ability to change color, size, opacity and etc of water puddle.