Fallen Paradise | Brandoville

In this project, I worked as a Remote Art/Technical Director, leading the Brandoville team.
This is a Research and Development Level Art Project for DreamDojo Games.
The purpose is to produce and develop a new Triple-A game IP development.
Brandoville team designed the level art and level design from scratch to the final.

My tasks consisted of:

-Creating workflow and reference sheets for the team.
-Daily feedback on created assets and guiding future steps.
-Creating different shaders such as water, landscape, master materials for props, etc.
-Taking care of technical aspects such as LODs, lightmaps, light bakes, etc.
-helping in level layout and making visual proof assets for the team to follow and
remain the constancy.
-Lighting the scene and experimenting with the different moods and lighting
-Making the final cinematic camera shots for the showreel.

Project: Fallen Paradise
Year: 2020

Executive Producer - Ken Lai
Project Manager - Natalia
Project Coordinator - Lintang Anisya P N
Art Director:
- Ken Lai
- Alireza Heidari
Technical Director - Alireza Heidari
Lead Project - Stefani Hanna
3D Modeler & Texture Artist:
- Ary Padli
- Bagas Anandagi
- Melvern Usman
- Muhammad Fachril Dhiya
- Rayi Raufi
- Satriya Pambudi
- Thevin Suchandra
- Arnelviko Jeromian Hezkiel
- David Padilla Endri
Key Visual Art: Nutchapol Thitinunthakorn