The Temple of Light (REAL-TIME)

This is a real time environment done by our "team of two" in our free time to enhance our personal portfolio and challenge our skills in creating a modular game environment.

My main focus was on engine side from creating shaders , setting up vertex paintable materials, providing parent material to be used as instance for statics , foliage, decals and etc, to arranging the layout and the look-dev of environment . However I have created the blocking scene, and some assets such as the the cloth, the arch, tower, fire-torch, bridge, some foliage and etc.
This project brought us a lots of joy , teamwork and knowledge as well as stronger friendship tied to our professional life as a 3D artist.
Hope you enjoy.
A huge thanks to the awesome concept artist EDDIE MANDOZA for inspiring us .Check out his works.
Also check out and follow my awesome friend "RAFID ZUFAR" page to see more of our breakdowns.

"Temple of light" realtime project in UE4 by Alireza heidari and Rafid Zufar.

Making of "Temple of The Light" UE4 BY Alireza Heidari & Rafid Zufar